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Basic Tool Kit

Applying for a building permit.

Applying for a planning permit.

Rustic window design

Soil Classifications: These range from A (the best) to P (the worst). You will need to obtain a soil test to determine the class, from a qualified geotechnical engineer, before you submit your building permit application. Slab design will need to be undertaken by a geotechnical engineer. If you are not sewered, you may in addition require a "land capability assessment" for the effluent disposal area, which can be undertaken at the same time by the geotechnical engineer.

Wind speed category: Ranging from N1 to C9. Our designs cover categories from N1 to N3, which covers all of Victoria up to slopes of 1:5. The Stegbar data sheet on wind load information. will provide you with more details. The classification you are given will be assessed by your local authority or building surveyor.

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