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 aries II  aries II  aries II  aries II

Aries II in timbercrete with added carport.

 st1  st2

Timbercrete dwelling at Eganstown.

 ben 1  ben 2  ben 3  ben4  ben5

Six timber relocatable classrooms turned into dwelling.

 sag S sag N sag S

Two storey split level adobe residence on a sloping site.

     aq1 aq4 aq_3 aq5 aq6

Aquarius with mezzanine attic

     p1 p2 p3 p4 p5

Three bedroom house in Wheatsheaf with large cathedral ceiling living area

      G east  G south  G north g west

Four bedroom attic style residence in Hepburn

     SC1 SC3 sc4 sc5 sc6

Alpha Centauri in Glenlyon

l 1 L2 L3 L3

Andromeda variant near Glenlyon, Vic.

fh1 FH2 FH3 fh4 FH5 fh6 fh7

Adobe residence extension in Daylesford

gw1 gw2 gw3 gw4

Post & beam workshop in Castlemaine

cid 1 cid 2 cid 3 cid 4

Cidery-Restaurant near Daylesford

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